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• Publishing house

Oficyna Edukacyjna * Krzysztof Pazdro has been around since 1992! It was founded and managed by Krzysztof M. Pazdro until 2013. From 2014, Paweł Pazdro, son of Krzysztof, became the President of the Management Board.

Initially, we published science textbooks (chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science), then gradually, over the years, we have expanded our offer an extended series, including titles in life science and humanities (geography, history, Polish, music, art and social studies).

We are renowned as an educational publisher, and have been known for years for the educational tools we provide in chemistry, which are characterized by the highest substantive level. The publishing house has published more than ninety of them. The author or co-author of most of them is Krzysztof M. Pazdro.

Particular attention should be paid to our series of the excellent textbooks, sets of tasks and auxiliary materials in mathematics which have been developed for high school study, developed by experienced authors - Marcin Kurczab, Elżbieta Kurczab and Elżbieta Świda. All titles have an excellent reputation in the teaching environment, which is a great distinction for us as the publishers.

The attractiveness of our offer is evidenced by the fact that it includes direct links to the curriculum, textbooks which enforce learning, support exercise books with sample sheets for A levels students, as well as support materials for teachers (guides, lesson plans, topic tests, tests ...).

• Our Mission

We want to meet, in the best possible way, the expectations of a modern school. We aim to publish the highest quality teaching tools, in terms of language, educational content and editing. We know that an educational success is determined not only by an open, creative teacher, but also by a smartly written book. We hope to be part of this success, thanks to the high quality of our textbooks.

• Krzysztof M. Pazdro

(1941 - 2016)

He was born on September 24, 1941 in Cracow. In Warsaw, he graduated from an elementary school (1955) and a general high school (1959). After graduating from the high school, he began studying at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw, where - out of pure interest - he also studied physics. He received his master's degree in chemistry in 1964 on the basis of the work on derivatives reactions of indoline , carried out under the supervision of Dr. hab. J.T. Wróbla.

After graduating, he started working at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Warsaw (1964–1966), where he worked as an assistant. Simultaneously with his work at the university, he periodically taught chemistry and physics in Warsaw's elementary and high schools. It turned out that teaching was his second, after scientific research, passion.

A six-year work period (1966–1972) in the Department (later the Department) of Organic Chemistry at the Warsaw University of Technology, under the guidance of prof. Wanda Polaczkowa, resulted, among others, in obtaining the title of doctor of chemical sciences (1972) on the basis of the work: Research on the 1,3-dithiol system. Reactions involving 4,5-diphenyl-1,3-dithiol carbene, for which he received the Scientific Award of the Polish Chemical Society (1972).

In the years of 1972–1979 he worked at the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute as an adjunct in the Department of Organic Compounds Purification Methods. In 1979 he started working at the Teachers' Training Institute, which gave him a great opportunity to work in the field of chemistry didactics. In the eighties - as an adjunct - he was the head of the Chemistry Laboratory. He organized and co-organized numerous nationwide meetings of chemistry didactics as well as conventions and conferences (including international - Jabłonna 1985).

In 1992, he founded a publishing house operating to this day under the name OFICYNA EDUKACYJNA * KRZYSZTOF PAZDRO.

The scientific achievements of Dr. K. M. Pazdro include 13 papers in the field of organic chemistry, published in Poland and Great Britain. He permanently entered the memory of several generations of students raised on his Chemistry Task Set, repeatedly reissued by four successive publishers, under the title modified several times to identify the recipient. Chemistry didactic publications include: 24 articles in the journal “ Chemia w Szkole” ( “Chemistry at school “ ), over 90 publications, including 2 academic handbooks “Chemistry didactics” [written in cooperation with A. Galska-Krajewska, 1990, PWN] and “ The academic set of tasks in general chemistry” [together with A. Rola-Noworyta, 2013, OE * KP]), also textbooks, sets of tasks and exercise books for primary, secondary and high school students, as well as curricula and methodological materials for teachers.

For outstanding achievements in the field of education, he received the Filip Kallimach, awarded by the editors of the Literary Magazine BOOKS (2010), and for the publication achievements in the field of chemical education in Poland he was honored by the Polish Chemical Society with the medal of Jan Harabaszewski (2014).

He passed away in Warsaw on 28th October 2016.